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The Web on OSGi

June 10th, 2009 • Comments Off on The Web on OSGi

The Web on OSGi is an interesting slide set from JavaONE. Presented by Don Brown from Atlassian I agree with several issues he address. For example the ‘know your wires’ on slide 42 (See also: and

Peter Kiens somehow replied to this slide set in this blog entry:

Don Brown replied with: In that post he says:

OSGi has let us write big features in a portable, modular way across products, and has dramatically sped up the development process via its hot deployment capability.

A Dozen OSGi Myths and Misconceptions

April 16th, 2009 • Comments Off on A Dozen OSGi Myths and Misconceptions

Craig Walls (author of the book Modular Java) has written a nice entry about OSGi and myths around it:

He works around these 12 topics and bust most of the myths (except one):

  1. OSGi is too complex
  2. OSGi is too heavyweight
  3. OSGi isn’t a "standard"
  4. OSGi is too new
  5. OSGi isn’t ready for the "real world"
  6. There aren’t many OSGi tools
  7. OSGi is for Eclipse users
  8. OSGi is a solution looking for a problem
  9. I can get modularity without OSGi
  10. OSGi is difficult to test
  11. OSGi doesn’t have a cool name
  12. There are no books on OSGi

I fully agree with his thoughts.  Even when it comes to the name…To be honest OSGi is really not that ‘cool’ 🙂

Another nice quote:

Siemens Medical Solutions and ProSyst Software developed
solutions for maintenance of medical devices in the area of image
management systems using OSGi. (I love this example because the cliché
criteria for how established a technology is if you’d use it to launch
rockets or save lives.)

Getting started with OSGi

April 8th, 2009 • Comments Off on Getting started with OSGi

Well I’m working with OSGi for quite some time now but here is a nice introduction to OSGi. 

This webinar is hosted at eclipse live and definetly worth to watch:

ModuleFusion – OSGi Service Platform

March 24th, 2009 • Comments Off on ModuleFusion – OSGi Service Platform

ModuleFusion won one of the awards at EclipseCon 2009. ModuleFusion describes itself as:

The goal of ModuleFusion is to help programmers to use the OSGi Service
Platform as their underlying runtime environment. ModuleFusion contains
a full stack typical for Java enterprise applications. This stack
currently consists of best-of-breed open source frameworks from the
Java ecosystem. Additionally, ModuleFusion contains the necessary glue
code to easily use these frameworks within OSGi.

It currently consists of the Equinox as well as the Apache Felix OSGi framework. nice work & congratulations!

P.S. another award winner was:

Inspecting the integrity of your source code.

February 26th, 2009 • Comments Off on Inspecting the integrity of your source code.

Software projects grow over time. They get bigger, more stuff is added, patches added and bugs fixed. New features added, and removed and code removed. But who keeps track of the changes and ensures that your source code repository stays clean? That they are no old undeleted files, no missing unittest, that all dependecies are correct? In short: that they are no broken windows (link) and a nice clean environment a engineer can checkout, compile and run within minutes? 

I’m using the ReInCheck tool for that. Currently it is customized to support a multi module maven project which consists of OSGi bundles. But it should be easy to adopt it to your needs.