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What can you do for the cloud?

August 17th, 2009 • Comments Off on What can you do for the cloud?

From twitter:

don’t ask what the cloud can do for you – ask what you can do for the cloud: define, implement and work on standards #OCCI #cloudcomputing

In the clouds – busy weeks

August 12th, 2009 • Comments Off on In the clouds – busy weeks

It have been some busy weeks. But great things have happen over the past weeks. The OCCI working group which tries to deliver one of the first standards in the cloud community is moving along very well. We have almost finished our first document describing the use cases and requirements for a Cloud API. This API should be capable of deploying, managing and monitoring virtual workloads (like virtual machines) in a Cloud. The draft can be found on our website: BTW there is a small one-pager describing OCCI. The draft of the specification can also be found on the OCCI website.

Next to that the cloud community is engaging to work together on cloud standards. The wiki on shows this. There is a nice overview (which might need some refinement) demonstrating where which standard might apply (I took if from the Wiki so it might be outdated).

Positioning of Cloud standards

Positioning of Cloud standards

Overall it seems that the work from SNIA, DMTF and OGF is coming together pretty nicely. For the last days I have been working on presentations and papers to present the work done in OCCI and RESERVOIR. For example a paper forcloudcomp 09 describing howto use OCCI to get RESERVOIR and the SLA@SOI project interoperate. Also upcoming are talks about RESERVOIR, the Cloud in general and OCCI at GridKa school, Sun HPC workshop and other smaller events. Also a poster about the Cloud and the Sun Grid Engine, Service Domain Manager and RESERVOIR is on its way. So great times to be in the clouds…

So what is it with twitter?

July 23rd, 2009 • Comments Off on So what is it with twitter?

By following the right people you might get information faster and only the information you want. So better then the old print media?Is this the new information exchange media – or just a waste of time (search for the video of Kevin Spacey explaining twitter to David Lettermann…)

Are individuals the better reporters? Is their a need for reporters anymore? Or will they all start to tweet and you can follow those who are good?

And this all might be true if you are interested in the fact that the dog from the Taco Bell ads died…:-)

Building Consistent RESTful APIs in a high performance environment

July 15th, 2009 • Comments Off on Building Consistent RESTful APIs in a high performance environment

Another presentation from JavaOne:


Launch of

July 14th, 2009 • Comments Off on Launch of

During the Cloud Summit hosted by OMG a new website was launched: Goal of this website is the collaboration, coordination and communication of standards for Cloud computing and Cloud Storage.

OCCI has also been presented by on this summit. A press release is also available here.