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Install and Autoconfigure a Opensolaris zone with ZFS dedup

June 7th, 2010 • Comments Off on Install and Autoconfigure a Opensolaris zone with ZFS dedup

This is a simple script which will setup a OpenSolaris zone. After installing it is automatically configured using the sysidcfg file After running this script you will be logged in automatically. I use this script (slightly modified) to setup a complete test Platform LSF cluster…

It features the following setup:

zfs create rpool/export/zones
zfs set mountpoint=/zones rpool/export/zones
zfs set dedup=on rpool/export/zones

mkdir /zones/lsf_zone
chmod 700 /zones/lsf_zone

zonecfg -z lsf_zone "create; set zonepath=/zones/lsf_zone; set autoboot=false; add net; set address=
; set defrouter=; set physical=iwh0; end; verify; commit"

zoneadm -z lsf_zone verify
zoneadm -z lsf_zone install

zoneadm -z lsf_zone ready
touch /zones/lsf_zone/root/etc/sysidcfg

echo "name_service=NONE
network_interface=primary {dhcp protocol_ipv6=no}" &> /zones/lsf_zone/root/etc/sysidcfg

zoneadm -z lsf_zone boot

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