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So what is it with twitter?

July 23rd, 2009 • Comments Off on So what is it with twitter?

By following the right people you might get information faster and only the information you want. So better then the old print media?Is this the new information exchange media – or just a waste of time (search for the video of Kevin Spacey explaining twitter to David Lettermann…)

Are individuals the better reporters? Is their a need for reporters anymore? Or will they all start to tweet and you can follow those who are good?

And this all might be true if you are interested in the fact that the dog from the Taco Bell ads died…:-)

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  1. Tommy says:

    Cloud Computing..? The best concept I have seen yet for the world wide web. The thing I like about cloud computing is it can be done anywhere on any network. I assume Grid computing is for large scale business.

    I for the life of me can’t comprehend why twitter is so popular. But I understand its what users are looking for so it most definitely is the wave of the future. We should all take notes on twitter. Reporters are already out of a job. News travels faster than feeds from the big networks. The networks have zero control over how news travels the world now. The people decide what is important and send this information around the world without a news crew.

    I unfortunaltey was alive to see the invention of the world wide web. I am 40 now and I cannot imagine a life without the use of some type of device to send and receive information. I run my company by computer, run my personal life through text. I can now pay all my bills from my wireless phone..

    But even with all this fabulous technology I laugh out loud when I saw the HTML Syntax: NOT allowed
    Please answer this simple math question. For some reason my mind inserted complex where the word simple is.

    At first glance: Please answer this complex math question 1 + 72 =

    I am going to schedule an eye test right away…….