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First day at the Open Grid Forum

May 27th, 2009 • Comments Off on First day at the Open Grid Forum

We are already in the second day of the OGF meeting. Nevertheless the first day has been interesting and full of information. This time not so many attendees are here in Chapel Hill. Which makes this meeting more a working meeting than a collaboration meeting like last OGF.

Still I got some great feedback about the work done in OCCI. And it somehow comes to my mind that it can be indeed a big thing to happen. I’ll be giving a presentation and introduction of OCCI tomorrow in our working group meeting. Other presenters will also show their works and thoughts on Clouds – so stay tuned! The slides will be available.

A great session yesterday was hosted by Craig Lee, himself President of OGF, about the strategic position of OGF. He talked a lot about OGF relation towards Clouds and that OGF has a great standpoint with OCCI. But there is a need for collaboration with other Standard efforts like those from SNIA and DMTF. Therefor OGF will trigger this and work on collaboration. Next to that a OGF representative will be available at the main Cloud summits and conference to present this view.

Next to that here are some impressions from OGF. Watch closely to the Jelly Beans I got here during coffee break 🙂


Craig Lee present some slides at the opening session.


Nice slides about Clouds and Grids.


Great diet!

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