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Open Cloud Computing Interface at the Open Grid Forum

May 26th, 2009 • Comments Off on Open Cloud Computing Interface at the Open Grid Forum

Today is the first day of the Open Grid Forum meeting here in Chapel Hill, NC. And during the the opening session the President of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) Craig Lee and the VP of Standards Chris Smith both stated the OCCI working group meeting as a high-light.

Currently it looks like the OCCI will be the first group to have a implementational ready API! And with this background and the collaborations to other groups like DMTF, SNIA and other standardization bodies it looks like OCCI is becoming a great thing! And for me fun to work on 🙂

OCCI has currently a great momentum! And with over 130 subscribed persons on the mailing-list there is a lively and active discussion. Contributions come from individuals, large companies and end-users of the Cloud. Even some of the persons on the list have their own Wikipedia page.

If you want to join feel free to visit:

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