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A "hype free" approach to Cloud computing

April 17th, 2009 • 2 Comments

McKinsey & Co. released a report which they claim to be ‘a "hype free" approach starting with the most basic question of what a "cloud" actually is.’:

2 responses to “A "hype free" approach to Cloud computing”

  1. Kevin Hutchinson says:

    By the time you guys stop navel gazing and working out the etymology of "cloud computing", Amazon’s EC2, Google’s AppEngine and Microsoft’s Azure will have eaten your lunch (and ironically Google is running Java).

    Please sell just one small cloud service today, and I promise I’ll be the first person to congratulate you all on your progress. Remember the Web 2.0 mantra "release early, release often". How do you know what people really want until they taste what you’re baking?

  2. Thijs Metsch says:

    We are baking some nice stuff. But we want the cake to be great, right? And as stated some nice stuff is becoming GA very soon.