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Ever wanted to know how Sun defines Cloud computing?

April 3rd, 2009 • Comments Off on Ever wanted to know how Sun defines Cloud computing?

Sun released a nice document describing what Cloud computing is and how you can use it. It’s called "A guide to get started with Cloud Computing".

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  1. Kevin Hutchinson says:

    I’m much more interested in how Sun delivers and sells cloud computing services over the network, and how the revenues grow quarter on quarter, and how finally it delivers profits and shareholder value. That would be quite a read.

    Can’t Sun just launch one small cloud service? Maybe Open Office document storage via WebDAV? Just one service would be a start. Do you remember how Amazon became the number one online retailer? They made losses year after year to grow a happy loyal customer base. Then eventually they managed to transform that huge scale into growing profits. Now, guess how they’re approaching cloud computing. Good luck!

  2. Thijs Metsch says:

    Not much I can say about the revenues. But feel free too watch this video It is about the Cloud Stargae Service which does exactly what you suggests.

  3. Kevin Hutchinson says:

    Cool video – thanks! I can’t wait for the service to become GA. 🙂