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February 26th, 2009 • 2 Comments

I have always been a fan of improving software development processes. The last couple of days I had a deeper look into Scrum. I worked with Agile development methods for some time now, and I like to point you to this scrum link from Softhouse: Very rough, but gives a nice overview.

Here is a slideshare version:

Learn Scrum Engineering in 5 minutes

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2 responses to “Scrum”

  1. Guy says:

    That’s what I DON’T like about SlideShare. All the rip off and re-posting of other people’s content without giving credit. Anyway, here’s the original source, which is NOT a slide presentation:

  2. Thijs says:

    Hihi…Thanks for the orginal source – added it to the article! I totally agree with you, although I must admit otherwise I would not have found this nice overview 🙂