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Doing it the cloud computing way

November 26th, 2008 • Comments Off on Doing it the cloud computing way

Sun has many cloud computing initiatives e.g. Playing only a underpart is the work done in the RESERVOIR project. RESERVOIR stands for Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers and is part of the Framework 7 program of the European Union.

Sun is part of this RESERVOIR project and provides great technologies to the project. Besides working on standards for upcoming Cloud Computing frameworks Sun will

The first part is pretty straight forward, while the second part involves more software development. The goal is it to provide a application container which allows the deployment of different kind of Java applications. Those services should then be managed  e.g. based upon predefined SLA definitions. Service can then be started, migrated, suspended, consolidate/distributed (if more instance are running) and stopped.

Sun is therefor developing the Virtual Java Service Container with the project name Floccus 🙂 More details are coming up.

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