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Still Dr Solaris

November 5th, 2008 • Comments Off on Still Dr Solaris

I’m still playing around with the new upcoming release of 2008.11. The system is installed on a X4100 and registered as NIS client with automounter configured. Works great – it was all set up in < 3 hours 🙂

This time I tried SMF and vpanels. Vpanels is great for administrative tasks, like configuring apache. SMF is the rocking alternative to old runlevel scripts. Works fine, only to register a new service you have to write a bunch of XML. XML is great to be handled by computers but bad ugly for humans…but nevermind 🙂 It worked after some tries…

I managed to install the system and register the applications my document management tools needs in SMF. Also added glassfish as SMF service. Everythink works fine now. And thanks to ZFS snapshot I could even roll back (but I don’t want) 🙂

But for know the server is running, and running, and running…

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  1. Andrew Watkins says:

    Can I ask how you have your X4100 configured. Are you using Hardware Raid & ZFS or just straight ZFS? I am re-installing the OS on my 2 disk x4100 and not sure if I should switch off the hardware mirror.

    Any thoughts. Thanks Andrew

  2. Thijs says:


    I actually switched off the hardware raid and used zfs. But the reason for that was more the fun to play and look into zfs on a X4100. I would personally use the hardware raid – You can also have a look here:

    Hope this helps 🙂