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for the nerds

November 5th, 2008 • Comments Off on for the nerds

Okay this is for the nerds. I had a little mistake in my vhost configuration of apache2. I made this mistake while using the vpanels utility. Sadly enough my VNC session didn’t work at home so I couldn’t change it that way – boomer. Because everytime you restart the apache2 service using the svcadm the httpd.conf file is generated out of svc properties. But you can reset those nice properties:

# svccfg -v
svc:> select svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2
svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2> setprop vhost-1/docroot="/rpool/datapool/knowledgetree"
svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2> exit
# svcadm refresh apache2

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