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September 16th, 2008 • Comments Off on ZFS

It is already some days ago that I joined Sun Microsystems and now I finally gave ZFS a shot.  You probably all know about the nice features ZFS has – so no more summary here. Feel free to browse to the website of ZFS to look for that. 

 More impressiv to me was the video I found on google video from the systemhelden guys. I must admit that it is somehow funny, there is still some nice info in it.

There is also a English version around somewhere. I like the idea and doing it as a demo is nice but a real practical solution might look different. USB sticks are not your first choice when you think about data security. The memory chips are not really high quality stuff and fail after so-and-so-much read and write operations. But anyhow nice idea – and I like the blinking of the USB sticks 🙂

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