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Mercurial – and how it helps to find bugs

October 6th, 2008 • Comments Off on Mercurial – and how it helps to find bugs

The simple question is: how can you use a source code management system to find bugs? First of start by using Mercurial (As you might know: always try to use distributed source code management systems :-))And then install the bisect extension. It is very similar to the version in GIT.

The Basic idea is the following. Take a bug free revision and a revision which has a bug in it. Then use bisect to get a revision in the middle. Test this revision and look if it is bug free or not. Then do a bisect in the higher or lower half. And so on…Until you find the revision in which the bug appeared. Pretty neat he?


September 19th, 2008 • Comments Off on Ubiquity

Here is another GTD tool. It will greatly improve they way you work. I only Tab Options+Space on my Mac I can instantly do thinks. For example search on google maps, write emails, looking in wikipedia, searching withour opening new tabs typing addresses and stuff. Great tool – it is alpha but worth a try!

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.


September 16th, 2008 • Comments Off on ZFS

It is already some days ago that I joined Sun Microsystems and now I finally gave ZFS a shot.  You probably all know about the nice features ZFS has – so no more summary here. Feel free to browse to the website of ZFS to look for that. 

 More impressiv to me was the video I found on google video from the systemhelden guys. I must admit that it is somehow funny, there is still some nice info in it.

There is also a English version around somewhere. I like the idea and doing it as a demo is nice but a real practical solution might look different. USB sticks are not your first choice when you think about data security. The memory chips are not really high quality stuff and fail after so-and-so-much read and write operations. But anyhow nice idea – and I like the blinking of the USB sticks 🙂

Training Camps

July 20th, 2008 • Comments Off on Training Camps

Gestern gings es also endlich los. Die erste Mannschaft der NFL hat mit seinem Trainings Camp angefangen. Die Washington Redskins legten also los. Lustig was der Tight End Chris Cooley dazu auf sein blog schreibt:

NFL security says the same stuff every year. Drinking and driving is stupid, don’t let crazy people into your home, and for God sakes don’t let anyone talk you into throwing a football game.

Oder noch besser:

We have a bed check every night at 11:00 P.M. Coaches will be roaming the halls and checking everyone’s room. Yes, we are all fifteen years old so I guess that is important. I mean, I’ll check into the locker room around 6:00 A.M. so it’s gonna be pretty hard to go out at night. Bed check?

Das Essen ist natĂĽrlich auch der Hit bei so einem Trainingslager:

I decided that I love “Franks Hot Sauce,” I covered my entire meal in it, even carrots.

Der gesamte Artikel findet ihr hier:


July 20th, 2008 • Comments Off on Yeehaa

Ein paar Zitate von Vince Lombardi: