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opensolaris 2008.11 is coming too town

November 9th, 2008 • Comments Off on opensolaris 2008.11 is coming too town

opensolaris logoGreat blog entry for the upcoming release of opensolaris 2008.11 –

for the nerds

November 5th, 2008 • Comments Off on for the nerds

Okay this is for the nerds. I had a little mistake in my vhost configuration of apache2. I made this mistake while using the vpanels utility. Sadly enough my VNC session didn’t work at home so I couldn’t change it that way – boomer. Because everytime you restart the apache2 service using the svcadm the httpd.conf file is generated out of svc properties. But you can reset those nice properties:

# svccfg -v
svc:> select svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2
svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2> setprop vhost-1/docroot="/rpool/datapool/knowledgetree"
svc:/network/vpanels-http:apache2> exit
# svcadm refresh apache2

Still Dr Solaris

November 5th, 2008 • Comments Off on Still Dr Solaris

I’m still playing around with the new upcoming release of 2008.11. The system is installed on a X4100 and registered as NIS client with automounter configured. Works great – it was all set up in < 3 hours 🙂

This time I tried SMF and vpanels. Vpanels is great for administrative tasks, like configuring apache. SMF is the rocking alternative to old runlevel scripts. Works fine, only to register a new service you have to write a bunch of XML. XML is great to be handled by computers but bad ugly for humans…but nevermind 🙂 It worked after some tries…

I managed to install the system and register the applications my document management tools needs in SMF. Also added glassfish as SMF service. Everythink works fine now. And thanks to ZFS snapshot I could even roll back (but I don’t want) 🙂

But for know the server is running, and running, and running…

Open Solaris 2008.11

November 3rd, 2008 • Comments Off on Open Solaris 2008.11

Okido, everyone is talking about our Q1results – for more info see jonathan’s blog. But for one second think about the upcoming new cool stuff – like opensolaris 2008.11 🙂 I just had a look at a release candidate, and it is worth a try. You might already know ZFS, Dtrace and the other good stuff which comes with solaris but new is the time slider? This new features is similar to the time machine of Mac OS X and shows some potentials of ZFS!

I hope I can add a screenshot tomorrow 🙂

TED talks

October 17th, 2008 • Comments Off on TED talks

Also great stuff here – if you can subscribe to the podcast 🙂 These are all talks on various topics. Very intersting topics presented by even more interesting people! Great stuff, love it!

TED logo